2023-05-01 | Discount prices for Korean DOOSAN diesel gensets

Discount prices for Korean DOOSAN diesel gensets
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We offer discount prices for the DOOSAN diesel generators.
The promotion applies to all generators of this brand and is valid for one month.

DOOSAN located in Korea first started producing diesel engines in 1958.
The products have a high cost performance with the power range from 20KW to 900KW,
meet the domestic and international standards like GB/T2820, GB1105, YD/T502, SO8525-3, ISO3046, ISO8525 and US EPA and CARB emission standards.
DOOSAN gen-set system can provide multiple protection functions for the oil temperature, water temperature, oil pressure, speed and overload of the unit, mainly used in national defense, aviation, vehicles, ships, construction machinery and generator sets.
DOOSAN diesel engines are recognized by the world for the small size, compact weight, strong sudden load capacity, low noise and reliability.

Features of DOOSAN Electric Power Diesel generators

* 1. Exquisite technology
?Ex-factory testing in accordance with DOOSAN strict global inspection standards.
?Metal plate spraying process strictly achieves DOOSAN global standards to ensure the set have excellent rust-resistant performance and high quality.

*2. System integration
?Easy selection of controller.
?Provide a complete standard configuration of 8-hour capacity fuel tanks, batteries and other options like heaters used in cold environment etc.

*3. Security protection system
?More protection functions for oil temperature, water temperature, oil pressure, speed, water(oil)level and overload, full consideration about safety issues of each component.
?Equipped with insulated exhaust sheath, battery disconnector, cable connection sheath to prevent the accidents of maintenance personnel.

*4. Quick start-up
?Allow three times consecutive start with a minimum start interval of 10 seconds each time to meet customer's needs in emergent situation.

*5. Stable and reliable
?Full load operation at ambient temperature of 40 degrees without power reduction.
?Rain-proof control cabinet with IP23 protection class to prevent electrical components damage or leakage caused by rain leaking.

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Discount prices for Korean DOOSAN diesel gensets

Discount prices for Korean DOOSAN diesel gensets

Discount prices for Korean DOOSAN diesel gensets

Discount prices for Korean DOOSAN diesel gensets

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