2021-12-30 | Troubleshooting of diesel generator set

Troubleshooting of diesel generator set
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Diesel generators will inevitably have some faults during use. Many faults are very common.
What are the faults frequently encountered by diesel engines and how to deal with them?
Today, I will mainly talk about one of the common faults of diesel generators: three leak.
   Three common faults of diesel generator sets: Leakage: water leakage, oil leakage, diesel leakage, other faults please see: Diesel generator set failure: diesel generator temperature rise is too high and use caution.
The "leakage" of the diesel generator set is mainly manifested in the leakage of the fresh water pump, water radiator, and water pipe; the fresh water pump leakage solution: the solution of the fresh water pump leakage If the fresh water pump monitoring hole also leaks, the fresh water pump should be removed from the body and disassembled , And then replace the water seal. When the drain valve installed on the fresh water pump leaks due to damage to the spring, you can replace it with a new spring or a new drain valve. Maintenance personnel should apply grease to the spring of the drain valve to prevent the spring from rusting.
Troubleshooting of diesel generator set
  The solution to the leakage of the water pipe of the diesel generator set When the water pipe leaks due to aging, one should replace the new pipe. If the water pipe is difficult to buy, it can be wound with waterproof tape. If water leakage occurs due to the rust of the clip, the clip can be replaced or wound with iron wire. The second is the solution to the oil sump gasket leakage of diesel generator sets. When the oil leaks from the oil sump gasket, the gasket should be replaced. For details, see: What are the factors that affect the fuel consumption of silent diesel generator sets.
   The "oil leakage" of diesel generator sets is mainly manifested in the oil sump gasket leakage; the method of replacing the oil sump gasket is as follows: use a socket wrench or a Torx wrench to remove all the fixing screws of the oil sump by diagonally. After dismantling, clean the oil pan and crankcase and the parts in contact with the gasket, then apply sealant, and assemble the gasket neatly. During the assembling process, screw the screws diagonally, do not tighten the second screw after approval.
After all the screws are tightened, tighten all the screws gradually according to the technical requirements.
"Diesel leakage" of diesel generator set is mainly manifested in the leakage of diesel oil at each interface of the fuel transfer pump and diesel filter. The solution of diesel leakage at each interface of the fuel transfer pump and diesel filter of diesel generator set The faults of diesel leakage at the interface are generally It is caused by the damage of the gasket or the loosening of the oil return screw. If the oil return screw is loosened, the maintenance personnel only needs to tighten it with a Torx wrench according to the specified torque.

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