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NEW Electric Steam Generator 9KW
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Electric Steam Generator 9KW

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Units Available:   7
Year of Manufacture:   2024
Category: Steam Generators
International Certifications: EU, China, USA
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NEW Industrial Electric Steam Generator 9KW
Electric steam generator is small capacity steam output electric power steam generator, design natural circulation model, there are water tubes inside, has high efficiency reach to 98%.
Power 9KW
Rated Evaporation 12kg/h
Max Pressure 0.7Mpa

Electric Steam generator Applications:
1. Ironing washing industry---Dry cleaning machine, dryer, washing machine, dehydrator, ironing machine, iron, etc.
2. Electroplating cleaning industry---Bath of plating bath, acid bath, cleaning pool heating constant temperature;
3. Food processing industry---Tofu machine, rice noodle machine, steam box, sterilization tank, chartered plane;
4. Hotels, enterprises and institutions canteen and various service stations disinfection, steamed rice and water supply;
5. Biological chemical---Fermentation tank, reaction kettle, interlayer pot, mixer, emulsifying machine, etc;
6. Packaging machinery---The label machine set standard machine supporting use;
7. Other industries---steam cleaning industry, steam heating or hot water supply, etc.

Features of the Steam Generator:
1. The tank has a large steam storage space, and the steam is pure without moisture.
2. Temperature and pressure can be adjusted, power can be adjusted in four steps
3. Mechanical float control water level, pure water can be used
4. Small size, light weight, complete machine, easy to install
5. Dual safety guarantee for adjustable pressure controller and safety valve
6. Hydropower independent box, convenient for maintenance and maintenance, safe and reliable
7. Double set of high quality seamless stainless steel heating tubes, adjustable power
8. Electric heating, no open flame, no safety hazard, with brakes Vientiane casters
9. Small size, light weight, complete machine, easy to install

Technical Parameters of electric steam generator:

The specification of the Electric Steam Generator 9KW

Power 9KW
Rated Evaporation 12kg/h
Max Pressure 0.7Mpa
Max Temperature 151℃
Voltage 380V
Rated Current 16A
Water Tank 25L
Water Pump Power (W) 550
Size (MM) 600*400*820

Warranty terms service
1 year warranty
Electric Steam Generator 9KW  for sale Electric Steam Generator 9KW  for sale

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