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NEW 184kW DOOSAN Electric diesel genset
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184kW DOOSAN Electric diesel genset

ID: 1849
Units Available:   5
Year of Manufacture:   2024
Category: Open Type Diesel Generator
International Certifications: EU, China, USA
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NEW 184kW DOOSAN Electric Power Diesel generator engine DP086LA
DOOSAN located in Korea first started producing diesel engines in 1958.
The products have a high cost performance with the power range from 20KW to 160KW, meet the domestic and international standards like GB/T2820, GB1105, YD/T502, SO8525-3, ISO3046, ISO8525 and US EPA and CARB emission standards. DOOSAN gen-set system can provide multiple protection functions for the oil temperature、water temperature、oil pressure、speed and overload of the unit, mainly used in national defense、aviation、vehicles、ships、construction machinery and generator sets.DOOSAN diesel engines are recognized by the world for the small size、compact weight、
strong sudden load capacity、low noise and reliability.

Engine Model DOOSAN DP086LA
Genset Prime KW/KVA 184/230
Genset Standby KW/KVA 202/253
Engine Output kwm - 201
Generator Type Open, Silent, Enclosed, Trailer, Container

Features of DOOSAN Electric Power Diesel generator
1. Exquisite technology
-Ex-factory testing in accordance with DOOSAN strict global inspection standards
-Metal plate spraying process strictly achieves DOOSAN global standards to ensure the set have excellent rust-resistant performance and high quality
2. System integration
-Easy selection of controller
-Provide a complete standard configuration of 8-hour capacity fuel tanks,batteries and other options like heaters used in cold environment etc.
3. Security protection system
-More protection functions for oil temperature、water temperature、oil pressure、speed、water(oil)level and overload,full consideration about safety issues of each component
-Equipped with insulated exhaust sheath,battery disconnector,cable connection sheath to prevent the accidents of maintenance personnel.
4. Quick start-up
Allow three times consecutive start with a minimum start interval of 10 seconds each time to meet customers needs in emergent situation.
5. Stable and reliable
-Full load operation at ambient temperature of 40 degrees without power reduction
-Rain-proof control cabinet with IP23 protection class to prevent electrical components damage or leakage caused by rain leaking.

Certifications of DOOSAN Engine Diesel Diesel Engines Generator Set

Applications DOOSAN Engine Diesel Set open & soundproof:

1. Industrial area: real estate, hospital, hotel, bank, construction, factory, oil field, airport,
mining, railway, etc
2. Home use: personal use for house, camping, party, etc
3. Telecom, Mobile tower, etc
4. Island, Desert or any place without electricity
5. As for emergency equipment special for natural disasters, such as typhoon, earthquake, heavy snow, etc.
6. Standby power or main power, indoor or outdoor using.
7. Rental field.

Competitive Advantage DOOSAN engine Diesel Generator Set open & soundproof:
1. Full power range.
2. All genuine engines and alternators.
3. The components we use are in high quality.
4. Fast delivery. Big quantity of Engines in stock.
5. The generator set is mounted on a heavy duty fabricated steel skid type base-frame with anti vibration mounting pads.
6. Use high standard of sponge to make soundproof.
7. The canopy design is user friendly, and easy for maintenance.
8. Pre and after sales service is provided.
9. Fast response for the inquires, service, etc.

Engine High Performance Solution
- Advanced fuel injection system, Common Rail
This advanced technology, common rail,improves performance and fuel
efficiency, while reducing emission, noise and vibration.
Economical Solution
- Lower fuel consumption, longer exchange interval, maintenance-free components lower total cost of
ownership over the life of your engine.
Convenient Solution
- Doosan diesel engines are used in a variety of equipment, as they make strong power in small deflection.
They can be mounted on almost all types of equipment thanks to their compact size, flexible post-treatment system, and
ease of installation.

- Container canopy, Scientific and efficient Special sand-proof waterproof blinds with illumination,
- Soundproof Canopy (Super Silent canopy)Containerized Canopy
- Automatic parallel cabinet
- Daily fuel tank
- 50°C Radiator
- Anti Condensation Heater
- Water and Oil heater

engine and generator original technical data / controller operation manual /instruction and maintenance manual / test report / delivery list

The specification of the 184kW DOOSAN Electric diesel genset

Genset Prime KW/KVA 184/230
Genset Standby KW/KVA 202/253
Engine Output kwm - 201
Governor - electric
LSA alternator
1500 rpm - 184
Engine type
Engine Model DP086LA
diesel, 4-stroke
Engine displacement 8.1 liters
Number, cylinder arrangement 6, in-line
The order of operation of cylinders 1-5-3-6-2-4
Cylinder diameter / piston stroke 111 x 139 mm
Compression ratio 16.7 :1
Rated rotation speed 1500 min -1
The engine control system is electronic, without CAN bus support
Fuel injection system direct injection, injection pump with electronic regulator
Type of air boost turbocharging with an air-to-air intercooler
Liquid cooling system
Power take-off for a 5 kW fan
Rated voltage of the electrical system is 24 V
Specific fuel consumption 3 :at 100% nom. capacities
203.5223880597 g/kWh at 75% nom. capacities
205.05472636816 g/kWh at 50% nom. capacities
205.61194029851 g/kWh
Oil consumption for carbon monoxide, at 100% power:
Specific oil consumption 0.9 g/kWh
Filling tanks:
Lubrication system 15.5 L
Cooling system 4 44 L
The standard oil change period is 5,200 engine hours
Fuel system:
direct injection, high pressure fuel pump (injection pump) with electronic regulator
fuel filter
Engine lubrication system:
engine lubrication system pump
full-flow oil filter
liquid-oil heat exchanger
Air and gas exhaust system:
turbocharger with charge air cooler
dry type air purifier with replaceable paper filter element
Cooling system:
liquid cooling radiator
air to air charge air cooler
centrifugal coolant pump
pusher type fan
Electrical equipment: starter 24V, 6 kW generator 28V, 45A
coolant temperature
sensor oil pressure sensor

- Standard voltage is 400/230V, other low voltages and high voltages are available.
- Above gensets are based on 50Hz, 1500RPM, 3 Phases & 4 Wires, Power Factor 0.8.
- Engine Model with '.' means with EFI (Electrical Fuel Injection) system.
- Genset Model with '*' means it is for standby power.
- Standard voltage is 400/230V, other low voltages and high voltages are available.
- Special demands for Soundproof Canopy, ATS, Parallel Control and Remote Control are available.
- The data herein can vary depending on individual production requirements or due to improved technology.

Warranty terms service
1 year warranty
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